Munis Employee Self Service (ESS)

Munis Employee Self Service (ESS)

Munis Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web based application that allows employees of SAU 29 to privately access selected personal and payroll information.

You may access ESS, via this link; or by visiting

The following are some features and information available through ESS:
  • Personal Information
    - View and update contact information, such as: address, telephone number and dependents.
    - View and update emergency contact information. 

  • Pay and Tax Information
    - View and print pay check information.
    - View and print year-to-date gross earnings.
    - View and print W-2 information. 
    - View, print and update W-4 withholding information. 
    - Use the paycheck simulator utility. 

  • Time Off Information
    - View and print a history of used and accured leave. This information is up-to- date as of the last pay period.

Internet access is necessary in order to access ESS. The user name is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your middle name and your full last name. 

Example: Jane S. Smith's user name would be jssmith. 

The password for first time users is the last four digits of your social security number. First time users will be promoted to change their password and to provide a password hint. Provide a hint that will allow you to easily remember your password. If you have trouble accessing ESS please send an email to

Munis ESS "Instructional Guide"