Spring 2017


Where has the time gone?!  April shot right by, so count this as our Spring 2017 newsletter.  This edition, we're focusing on all of the year-end celebrations and recognition as we wind down our school year.  Here's the full calendar of upcoming events.


By now we hope you've seen some of the STARs celebrated on our Facebook page.  These outstanding SAU29 members were selected by students, peers and parents.  By the end of May, we will have recognized over 60 of them!

In case you missed any of them, here they are:  2017 SAU STARS.pdf


Mark Hayward, Westmoreland School

Congratulations to our 8th Graders for making it through a successful final year at Westmoreland School. And remember that no matter where you go in this world, you will always be Bulldogs. Bulldogs are patient, kind, loyal and strong, and so are you. 

The world is always changing and it seems like the pace is accelerating, but having the great town and school that we get to share and experience gives us something steady to rely on.  We work here each day together to support one another as lifelong learners.  We give it our all and strive to be the best that we can, while showing compassion and understanding when times are difficult for us.

Our hope for the Class of 2017: Take what you have learned here and pay it forward as you go out into the world. The future is never as bleak as some would have you believe, and your attitude will determine a large part of your future.  So take that positive energy that you have brought to our school each day and keep giving it to the world as you grow and as your horizons expand.

Sharyn D'Eon, Chesterfield School

May you always have these blessings...
A soft breeze when summer comes-
a warm fireside in winter-
and always-the warm, soft smile of a friend. 

Emily Hartshorne, Fuller Elementary School


Congratulations to each of you for completing your elementary school years in style.  Some of you are completing your sixth year at Fuller while others have been here just a short while, especially the large number of you who joined Fuller for your final year of elementary school.  The Fuller community has been enriched by your presence and contributions.

You have demonstrated our Fuller Four values of Safety, Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness in many ways this year.  Your class has participated in the “High Five” leadership building program and I have appreciated the leadership you have brought to the school.  As I write this letter you are preparing for your Camp Takodah experience, where you will be asked to take risks, trust each other, work together, and put the needs of the group ahead of your own individual needs.   These are skills that will serve you well beyond the camp experience after you leave Fuller School.  

As you leave Fuller and move on, keep our Fuller Four core values with you as well as the lessons you have learned from all the amazing teachers you have had at Fuller.  We will miss you but we look forward to hearing of your new experiences and opportunities that lie ahead. Good luck, class of 2017!

Dorothy Frazier, Keene Middle School

This year our staff was asked "What is your favorite thing about KMS?"  For me, as I'm sure it is for all, it is you, the students,  who attend our wonderful school. Whether you struggle as a learner, excel at a sport, love to code, love to learn, dislike a class, you all bring something to our school that is unique and helps us all to be better people.  You probably do not know that we adults learn as much from you, the students, as you, hopefully, learn from us.  As you move on to high school, I hope the positive and challenging experiences you have had at KMS have helped you to grow and become stronger individuals.  I hope you have learned what it means to be part of a larger community and what it means to care about others.  Your journey through school is not done and there will be challenges ahead.  Remember to have that 'growth mindset' and that, with perseverance, you will prevail.

Robin Whitney, Marlborough School
The Marlborough School is proud to graduate sixteen 8th graders! For the past 9 years these students have grown together. They are a close group who have become a true school family. Kind and helpful are words that are often used to describe the 8th grade class. These students have demonstrated their genuine concern for their community through multiple successful service projects. They have also set a high standard for educational excellence. The 8th grade students are wonderful role models for our younger students. They can be seen in the halls and classrooms helping the younger students with any needs that they may have. We are very proud of our 8th grade students. We wish them every success as they embark on the next phase of their educational journey. 

Ron Upton, Nelson School
NelsonThis year's graduating 5th grade class at Nelson School has seen many transitions. Several of them started their educational career elsewhere before coming to Nelson Elementary School. This group of students has a variety unique talents and interests. They are always eager to play and showcase their creativity. Give these students some art supplies, some gears or motors, musical instruments, sports equipment, a landscaping project, or a play to put on, and they will do great things! 

During their final year at Nelson School, these 12 students spent a week at The Ecology School in Saco, Maine learning about science; they worked together to perform an abridged play based on the classic story, A Christmas Carol, and competed against each other during our first Math Month. They also researched and wrote stories about famous inventors who changed the world, became better math problem solvers, battled brush to rescue an apple tree on our playground, and got excited about learning how our country came to be during our study of the United States Government.

Jan Barry, Keene Community Education

Twenty-seven students have earned a Keene School District diploma this year through Keene Community Education's Alternative Diploma Program, and on May 25th at Keene High School we will honor them. Nearly all of our students balance school or work with attendance in our classes in the evening or late afternoons.  This requires determination and persistence!  It isn't easy to go to class on a cold February night or a beautiful May afternoon, particularly if you have worked all day.  Former state senator Molly Kelly will help us to congratulate these students by speaking at commencement: her theme will be courage.  Kelly has long been a supporter of adult education and was instrumental in Community Education's receipt of a check from the James W. Squires Social Justice Fund, enabling Community Education to provide $500 in scholarship dollars to students in this May's graduating class.  During the KCED graduation we are also able to honor our teachers, people who get to know our students very well in our small classes and who continue to provide excellent instruction into the evening.

Community Education will also recognize our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students at a morning event on May 31st and an evening event on June 1st for families at Otter Brook.  These students make substantial gains in English language acquisition, again while balancing the demands of work and family.  

Jim Logan, Keene High School
Keene High School would like to congratulate the students for a successful year at KHS and bid a fond farewell to the 297 graduating seniors. We hope everyone has a healthy and happy summer break.

Erik Kress, Franklin Elementary School
Franklin Elementary

To the fabulous Franklin fifth graders, you have made your teachers, parents, and school community very proud this year.  You have learned how to work together to solve problems, and how to stand up for what is right, even when it may not be popular.  As your principal, I want to wish you all the best as you move on to middle school, and with every new adventure comes opportunities to try something new, make new friends, but always remember your Franklin family will always be there to support you.  Have a great summer!  
Deanna Zilske, Wells Memorial School, Harrisville

As we come to the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we wish the graduating 6th graders success and joy as they continue on in their educational journeys at surrounding middle schools.  Even though they leave the halls of Harrisville-Wells Memorial School, they will always be a member of the Falcon family.  All students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade showed tremendous Growth Mindset during the year through rigorous curriculum and project-based learning opportunities.  Our social thinking curriculum and bucket filling efforts showed kindness to each community member.  The students and families should be very proud of the effort shown and growth made during this year.  In many large and small ways, each student and staff member has made a positive difference in our school and community of learners.  Congratulations on a successful year and have a wonderful summer!

Dick Cate, Symonds School

You are ready!Symonds

The entire staff of Symonds School and your parents are honored and proud to have nurtured you through this beginning of your lives. You have grown and matured. We know you will navigate the next stage of your development with confidence. You are Symonds!

Patricia Yoerger, Wheelock Elementary School

Wheelock School
It has been a great first year for me at Wheelock School this year!  What a wonderful school and community!  We will be sending off 30 students to the Keene Middle School next year. Mr. Kimura, Mrs. Lepple, Mrs. Bagster, and Mrs. Martineau have done an excellent job preparing our 5th graders for their next adventure.